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A Little About Us:





Pickett PR's 


Recipe for Success:


PPRG and its partners believe that success isn't given; it's earned through hard work. Our secret recipe is made of five "C"imple ingredients:








Add 20 cups of each and you'll get 100% pure success!

Here goes....
Pickett Public Relations Group (Pickett PR) is a national, full-service public relations firm dedicated to building, maintaining and protecting the image of our clients.  As a company, we ensure, first and foremost, that our clients understand the benefit of having a public relations firm and why Pickett PR is the best fit.  Pickett PR services various sectors including, but not limited to corporate, non-profit, sports, arts and entertainment.  Pickett PR knows that public relations is a passionate industry and requires a personal interest for success.  Therefore, based on our 23 years of experience, it has proven beneficial to only work with clients and projects we truly believe in.  Pickett PR invites new clients that can maximize our diverse services, regardless of the project's size or existing popularity.  

The Pickett PR Team

Pickett Public Relations Group is comprised of ethical, account executives ready to take an active role with new and existing projects.  We will go above and beyond to ensure clear, concise understanding and satisfaction for our clients.  Communication is the number one factor internally, as well as, externally-and is our best ingredient for success.

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